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Join TopAnswers, building a library of knowledge.

TopAnswers is what Stack Overflow should be: focused on communities and knowledge sharing, not profit. We share some of the same aims:

  • Focus on questions and answers. Everything else we do is to help us produce useful answers to good questions.
  • Keep the signal:noise ratio high with a voting system that helps good answers float to the top.
  • Build communities of experts across a diverse range of subjects.

We aren't a clone though:

  • We have invested more in the community aspects of the platform, that encourage like-minded people to coalesce around the production and curation of the library of Q&A, but…
  • …conversely, we've improved the focus on Q&A by moving comments to the side.
  • We are not for-profit, so contributors will never be the 'product', and our core aims will not evolve over time.
  • As much as possible of our platform is published as open source on GitHub.
  • You are free to decide how to license your contributions.

We are growing steadily, and starting to register on search engines. We launched Databases in October 2019, TeX in January 2020, and Code Golf in February. We have since added a number of experimental communities like C++ and *nix. If you would like to help start another community here, you can. If you are coming from an existing Stack Exchange community you will be able to import your content.

There is a lot more detailed information on our meta community (a place for questions and answers about TopAnswers itself), for example:

Finally, we share many goals (and some contributors) with Codidact. Please consider participating in their communities: