TopAnswers Communities:

Join TopAnswers, and help build a lasting library of knowledge.

TopAnswers is what Stack Overflow should be: focused on communities and knowledge sharing, not profit. We share some of the same aims:

We aren't a clone though; we diverge in important areas:

We are growing steadily, and starting to register on search engines. We launched Databases in October 2019, TeX in January 2020, and an experimental C++ community and Code Golf in February. We also have a *nix community in private beta. If you would like to help build a community here, you can. If you are coming from an existing Stack Exchange community you will be able to import your content.

There is a lot more detailed information on our meta community (a place for questions and answers about TopAnswers itself), for example:

Finally, we share many goals (and some contributors) with another project you might like to know about: Codidact.