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Jack Douglas
### update 15 Jan: we've started a *nix private beta — please let us know if you'd like to participate!


TopAnswers is designed to host multiple communities, not just [databases](/databases) and TeX (currently in private beta).

If a group of people want to start a community here, they can post an answer on ["I'd like a new community on TopAnswers. How do I go about making that happen?"](/meta?q=211) requesting it, but we may also want to be proactive at this early stage, and actively seek out like-minded folk to start a few more early communities.

I've been thinking for some time that some variation of [U&L on SE]( would be viable here. One or two people have made [comments like this](/transcript?room=528&id=12163#c12163):

> In terms of SE equivalents, a Unix/Linux site would probably be most interesting to me initially…

We also have at least one high-rep (>50k) U&L user active here and interested in joining a private beta.

Last but not least, the following may be common ground for some of those currently giving their time to U&L communities like SE:

* [our principles](/meta?q=1) of being 'by the community, for the community', and not for profit
* perhaps more than for any other group, being 'the product' does not appeal to U&L folk, and that will never happen here
* our open source mindset, seen both in [releasing our own code](/meta?q=221#a580) and in our use of Linux/Apache/Postgres etc
* our love for [KISS]( and 'do one thing and do it well' — two things Stack Exchange is leaving behind as it evolves

It might count against us with some that we chose to host on GitHub, but hey, we can still move to [Sourcehut]( when it comes out of beta ;)

If you are interested in joining a Linux or \*nix community here, please join in the conversation in the comments. We need to work out questions about scope, target expertise and more.
Top Answer

My suggestion would be to make the scope pretty broad, maybe even a little broader than the [U&L Stack Exchange site]( was, covering Open Source operating systems and user environments (desktop  and cli):

* All distributions, both Linux, BSD, and old fashioned Unix. I would even go so far as to say that other Open Source kernels and platforms should be included when they crop up (e.g. [Haiku]( or [Plan 9](
* All related OSS user space tool sets such as GNU tools.
* All desktop environments that are not specific to non-\*nix platforms.
* All shells that are not specific to another platform (no PowerShell).

Note I would include the above even in isolation on non-\*nix platforms, such as `bash` when run under the Windows Subsystem for Linux or X11 on MacOS (*ala* XQartz).

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