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Because @Jack asked in chat and because evaluting the options and making a recomendation is going to take a bit of space...

Where should the project source be hosted? Github? Gitlab? Other?
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Jack Douglas
The balance of pros and cons favours GitLab, but we've opted for GitHub instead because of the potential crossover with [Codidact]( contributors.

You can find the current (7th Jan 2020) source [on Github]( now. We plan to keep it up to date as part of our release process.
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(Answer is WIP)

# Considerations

* Feature set
* Ideology
* Familiarity
* Developer buy-in

# Options

* Github
* Gitlab
* Gitlab (self-hosted)
* Sourcehut
* Bitbucket
* Gogs (self-hosted)
* Gitea (self-hosted)

Not considered for lack of first hand knowledge: Buddy, Phabricator, Beanstalk, Gitbucket, Allura, Rhodecode, ...

Rejected out of hand: Sourceforge (even though they do have git these days their community track record is pretty abysmal), Launchpad (because gag), Trac (because git strapped on to something designed for Subversion and never overhauled), ...

## Github 

* :thumbsup: Good feature set
* :thumbsup: Good integrations (CI, code review, bots)
* :thumbsup: Highest familiarity and developer buy in.
* :thumbsdown: Microsoft
* :thumbsdown: Proprietary

## Gitlab

* :thumbsup: Great features
* :thumbsup: Great integrations (Pipelines for CI/CD, code review, bots)
* :thumbsup: Feature parity and UX similarity to Github mean most developers can jump right in.
* :thumbsup: Easy migration
* :thumbsup: Hosted or self-hosted

## Gitlab (self-hosted)

Same as above, but self hosted. Easy migration between instances.

* :thumbsdown: Self hosted deploy is a bear if not running a dedicated host, Ruby stack is hefty with lots of dependencies.

## Sourcehut

* :thumbsup: ideological alignment
* :thumbsup: light weight
* :thumbsup: versatile build / deploy integration
* :thumbsdown: UI/UX is as bad as @Jack's initial design for

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