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Jack Douglas
TopAnswers has been designed to host multiple, independent[^1], communities of creators, curators, and beneficiaries of high quality Q&A.

If you'd like a particular community to be created here, please let us know with a new 'Community Request' meta post:


We'll need:

1. A topic that lends itself to the focused Q&A format.
1. At least a few people who want to get involved, who are passionate about building that community here.

It would also be nice to know up front if you would hope to eventually get any particular customized tooling, things like:

* specialist markdown plugins like MathML or MathJax
* particular font support
* integration with external tools or services/apis (for example ['databases'](/databases) has [db<>fiddle integration](/databases?q=30))

[^1]: independent but perhaps sometimes overlapping, both in terms of topicality and participation.
Top Answer
I'd like to see a community for programming questions. I'm quite shocked to see it hasn't been created yet.

For a more focused community/topic, I'd suggest starting with Java programming questions.

I'm ready to say goodbye to a certain other popular site for programming questions, and to be active here. I don't have a whole group of people with me, but I hope others will join.
Answer #2
We have 6 (5 + myself) LaTeX aficionados who would like to try getting a TeX based community going. All are current or formerly active members from the [TeX.SE](https://tex.stackexchange.com/). A private beta period would be preffered over public just to get things started on the right foot, experiment with how it will go, and make sure everything is copasetic before making a more public invite.

1. The scope would be TeX and all major direct dirivatives[^1] and the tooling dedicated to the TeX ecosystem.

1. :check:

As for special needs, we won't need anything major front.

* Adding the [LPPL license](https://www.latex-project.org/lppl/) commonly used in LaTeX derivative projects as an option for source code in answers would be lovely, possibly eeven making a CC0/LPPL combo the default.[^2] See [this SE post](https://tex.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1255/5100) for previous discussion of this issue.

* It is important **not** to enable MathML or MathJax support as this will inevitably conflict with users trying to covey what they want to do in LaTeX terms.

* I'm sure there will be font preferences, but I don't know what they are right now.

* Currently there are no "fiddle" style services that would be easy to integrate[^3], but eventually if there was such a thing that covered enough LaTeX engines it definitely be a nice thing to have.

Long term vector graphics suppport would also be nice. Vector or otherwise, expect this site to have a _lot_ of images (as screen shots will be used in almost every post). Making sure the image system scales well and handles the load will be an important  point when considering long term viability.

  [^1]: Personally [I'd actually advocate for a bit wider scope](https://tex.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1255/5100) covering several similar digital typesetting systems, but I'm clearly in the minority right now as far as the potential community goes.
  [^2]: The default would need some further discussion, at least having LPPL as an option would be very much appreciated as a minimum.
  [^3]: Although [SwiftLaTeX](https://github.com/SwiftLaTeX/SwiftLaTeX/issues/12) released earlier today is a promising step towards being able to make one!
Answer #3
**Update:** The community ended up trying [something that's more similar to SE](https://writing.codidact.com/questions/39219) at least for now.  (Basically, we needed a home Right Away because of SE, and a temporary site that looks more like SE made for an easier transition.  The long-term decision remains open.)


Representatives of [Writing.SE](https://writing.stackexchange.com/) request a community.

I'm writing (ha!) on behalf of a few of the "senior" users of our community.  We haven't had a meta discussion (which I suspect SE would shut down anyway) yet; we thought it better to set up something here and then invite people to check it out.  This means our community here would be provisional, but I have high hopes for it -- we're in crisis over on SE and our users would like a place to continue as a community.

Our site has about 8,000 questions that are not closed.  I have the impression you're not necessarily aiming for bulk imports; we could start with everything created by the users who come over (including questions that our users answered).  There might be some specific  tags we'd want to bring over wholesale.  (At least *I* do.)  How should we discuss import?

Our users will almost certainly want to see a [way to track their own content](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=233), and if we don't do something about [account recovery](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=234) or [passwords](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=237) we're likely to run into problems.  (Many of our users are not hardcore tech-geeks.)  These issues don't keep us from starting to use the new site but would probably be barriers to full-on adoption.  (Nobody wants to invest and risk losing access in a cookie accident.)  We know that other areas are under active development and are likely to be improved; we're ok with a site that's still under construction.  Do expect questions where we don't yet have help/FAQ posts, of course. :-)

We have no special tool or font needs.  We were using the generic beta theme on SE.

I don't know how you're handling moderation or even what moderators can do.  Our site had moderators on SE, so from a *community* perspective it's probably cleanest to appoint some of them as mods here.  If the community takes root here as I hope it will, and as TopAnswers works out how it wants to handle moderation, I would expect to then follow whatever process is developed for a community to choose moderators.  (In other words, I think of the initial mods as truly *pro-tem*, not serving for years and years without community buy-in.)

What other matters do we need to work out with TopAnswers so we can then invite our community in?
Answer #4
Jonathan Mee
I'd like to start a C++ programming questions site. I ask and answer a lot of C++ questions over at StackOverflow, or at least I did. I'm looking for a new home: https://stackoverflow.com/users/2642059/jonathan-mee?tab=summary

Most C++ examples on Stack Overflow were externally hosted by ideone.com or similar, so I don't think any integration would be required. However, code markdown inside backticks or indentation to markdown a codeblock would be helpful.
Answer #5
I'd like to see a sub-site for [R](https://www.r-project.org/) coding and troubleshooting. I'm not volunteering to be a moderator, but I promise that I'll be an active member of the community.
Answer #6
Do we have enough material and interest for a "home computing" site?  I'm imagining something like Super User, but not restricted to PCs -- Macs, phones, tablets, etc would be welcome too.  (There might be overlap with \*nix, which we should discuss.)  I expect most questions would be about software and most of the rest about configuration, but I assume there'd be some hardware-related questions too.

I thought of this *now* because a recent need for us all to be working from home has raised a few questions (including a networking one I haven't been able to resolve yet).  But more broadly, we all, as techies, run into problems with the tools we use, and we *probably* are all also the people who get tapped for technical support by other family members.

I'm suggesting a focus on home computing -- browsers, email, video editing, etc etc, but not Exchange servers, Active Directory, Bitbucket, and enterprise tools your company probably has support contracts for.  Some stuff will be in the middle and fuzzy, particularly clients of enterprise software (how do I do X in MS Teams, etc), and we'd probably need to see what happens and decide how to tweak scope as we go.  Maybe I mean *personal* computing as opposed to *home* computing?  I'm thinking of this as: if the question is from a *user* it's in scope, and if it's from a *sysadmin* it probably isn't.

Answer #7
## Movies & TV
TA might be more practical if we aren't just focusing on technology related subjects. Therefore I propose a Movies & TV TA site.
Answer #8
## Computer science theory
I am going to propose a Computer Science Theory community, but I don't know anyone passionate of this subject other than me.

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