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You need to write a program that sums all codepoints of the input string.
## Rules
* The input will always be in printable ASCII.
* The sum of the codepoints of your source must be exactly 2540.
  * You are allowed to use your language's own code page to calculate your program's codepoints.

* Null bytes (which don't contribute to your codepoint sum) are banned.
* The program must not work with any consecutive substring removed.
* This is Code Golf. Your score is the length of your source code, the shorter being better.
Top Answer Python 3
# [Python 3] IDLE, 24 bytes


[Try it online!][TIO-khjewg4s]

The Unicode character `Ο` (not to be confused with `O`) has character code 927, but only uses two bytes in UTF-8. Splitting the `+'Ο'` and the `-927` means that no contiguous substring can be removed without breaking the program. (My original, 18-byte version used a comment at the end, which doesn't satisfy this requirement.)

I get the feeling that this is not within the spirit of the rules, but it *is* within the letter.

[Python 3]:
[TIO-khjewg4s]: "Python 3 – Try It Online"

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