This site is mainly about [code golf](https://wikipedia.com/wiki/Code_golf). However, other forms of competitive programming are welcome too.

Two main types of posts are allowed here. One can ask for golfing tips or post competitions. Tips are either requests for help in golfing a specific piece of code, or general tips for a specific language/language family.

Most competition types are one of the following:

* **Code golf:** competing for shortest code (usually counted in bytes)  
* **Least operations:** competing for smallest number of *operations* (operator applications or steps in a proof)  
* **Speed challenge:** competing for fastest execution or lowest algorithmic complexity (absolute or relative)

Other types of challenges are possible too, but they require very careful specification, and are not recommended for novice challenge writers. In addition, unless otherwise stated, all competitions and competition answers must abide our rules, as linked to below. General coding problems are off-topic.

## Participating in competitions
Most competitions involve code golf, creating the shortest possible code to solve a given task. To ensure this site's consistency, and remember to include important information, consider using [a standard answer format](https://topanswers.xyz/codegolf?q=738). Always make sure you don't exploit any [prohibited loopholes](https://topanswers.xyz/codegolf?q=732), that you [state your code length correctly](https://topanswers.xyz/codegolf?q=734), and that you use [valid input and output formats](https://topanswers.xyz/codegolf?q=733). If in doubt, just ask!

## Posting competitions
Note that it is almost always considerably more difficult to write up a good competition than it is to participate in a well-specified competition, as there are many [pitfalls to avoid](https://topanswers.xyz/codegolf?q=736) and [aspects to have in mind](https://topanswers.xyz/codegolf?q=737). It is highly advisable to answer at least a few existing competitions before venturing into creating ones own. Using [a template](https://topanswers.xyz/codegolf?q=735) ensures that you remember all the important bits.
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Adám replying to xnor
I also don't think we need all the detail. That's why I summarised each *post* into a single bullet point. Is it still too verbose, you think?
But, a lot of these are so long and nitpicky that I don't expect anyone to actually read them except to use as a reference or to search for something specific. If we want something for total newbies to actually read and not get intimidated by, I think we want something far shorter that emphases the most common cases.
The corresponding SE posts are long and comprehensive, with many thing that came up once so we made a rule for it. On SE, a lot of use I get from them is as something to link in response to a specific question, or to tell someone "you can't do this / you could do that". The reference makes it seem more official, means people don't type the same thing over and over, and gives the poster a place to look for more.
I realized that what to include in these posts depends a lot on what function we want them to serve, so I think it would help for us to clarify that.
xnor replying to Adám
Nice, thanks!
Only one more wiki to go…
Adám replying to xnor
@xnor @Jack As done.
Jack Douglas
fortunately it isn't hard once the content is here to carve it out into separate posts
Jack Douglas replying to xnor
Having one master Wiki post pointing at several detailed posts sounds like the right approach to me
More generally, I feel like having one page be an infodump of all the rules isn't going to scale. Could we have this page have the most important things, and other Wiki pages linked to with more details?
I noticed it's hard to tell "##" headers from "###" headers, which makes it hard to see the grouping. Maybe it's worth separating into two posts?
I moved the "participating section" first, since "It is highly advisable to answer at least a few existing competitions before venturing into creating ones own."