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Nearly every language has a built-in that allows people to reorder lists at will. But that's no fun! Let's revamp that!

Without using any functions that modify a variable (non-fixed) amount of elements in a list (so no arbitrary sort or order or reverse functions, etc), reverse the order of the not-necessarily-sorted elements.

Input and output are in any reasonable format, though they must be identical formatting, language permitting.


| Input | Output |
|`[a b c]`|`[c b a]`|
|`[1 2 3 4]`|`[4 3 2 1]`|
|`[R R]`|`[R R]`|
|`[[1 2] [3 4]]`|`[[3 4] [1 2]]`|

Examples of permitted built-in functions;

* Swap two or more target elements
* Functions that reverse or re-arrange a fixed list (non-var)0
* Comparison functions
* List-splitting functions that split at designated index (SPLITAT[5])

Examples of non-permitted built-in functions
* List randomization
* List sorting
* List reversing
* List-splitting functions that split at every n-th index (SPLITEACH[5])
Top Answer C (gcc)
S.S. Anne
# [C (gcc)], 56 bytes


Temporary swap. XOR-swap won't work here, and even if it did it would be longer.

[Try it online!][TIO-k83jtu6d]

[C (gcc)]:
[TIO-k83jtu6d]: "C (gcc) – Try It Online"
Answer #2 APL (Dyalog Unicode)
# [APL (Dyalog Unicode)], 14 [bytes]( "When can APL characters be counted as 1 byte each?") ([SBCS]( ".dyalog files using a single byte character set"))

Anonymous prefix lambda.


[Try it online!][TIO-k88mwsgr]

`{`…`}` "dfn"; argument is `⍵`:

 `0::⍵` if any error happens, return the argument as-is

 `⋄` try:

  `⊂¨⍵` enclose each element of the argument

  `⊃`…`/` insert the following function between elements:

   `,⍨` swapped concatenation

[APL (Dyalog Unicode)]:
[TIO-k88mwsgr]: "APL (Dyalog Unicode) – Try It Online"
Answer #3 Erlang (escript)
# [Erlang (escript)], 29 bytes
As a special bonus this also works for strings.


[Try it online!][TIO-k7rl120g]

[Erlang (escript)]:
# Explanation
r(     )    % This reverse function
  [H|T]     % Tries to split the input list into
            % A head and a tail.
      ++[H];% Put the head at the end of the list
->r(T)      % And continue reversing the list.
r(_)->      % If it's un-splittable,
[].         % Return the empty list.
Answer #4 W
## [W](, 4 bytes
+2 bytes due to fixing a bug in nested lists.
## Explanation
}M   % Wrap all items in input in brackets
  +r % Join all lists
     % Note that this isn't a built-in,
     % it works because the implicit inputs
     % for +r are provided in reverse.

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