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Given a number sequence, split the number sequence into consecutive digits, and then output how many of these 2-digit sequences are primes.
## Explanation
For example, `7112971` gets splitted into:
You are required to find our how many of these numbers are primes.

## Test cases
Top Answer APL (Dyalog Extended)
# [APL (Dyalog Extended)], 12 [bytes]( "When can APL characters be counted as 1 byte each?") ([SBCS]( ".dyalog files using a single byte character set"))

Anonymous tacit prefix function


[Try it online!][TIO-k88nntu1]

`⊢` the argument

`2,/` pair-wise concatenation

`10⊥¨` evaluate each as base-10

`1⍭` indicate the primes

`+/` sum

[APL (Dyalog Extended)]:
[TIO-k88nntu1]: "APL (Dyalog Extended) – Try It Online"

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