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Given a **date** in the past (in the Gregorian calendar, no earlier than 1582-10-15, and in any reasonable format) and a **number** of days, compute the **ratio** (in any reasonable format, and with reasonable precision) of that number to the number of days in the inclusive date range, from the given date and until today (at running time). 

### Examples (as of 2020-09-09):

date: **2020-08-31**  
number: **4**  
ratio: **0.4**

Why? There are 10 days in the range: **2020-08-31** (the given date), 2020-09-01, 2020-09-02, 2020-09-03, 2020-09-04, 2020-09-05, 2020-09-06, 2020-09-07, 2020-09-08, 2020-09-09 (today). **4** ÷ 10 = **0.4**

date: **2015-08-26**  
number: **1544**  
ratio: **0.8387**
Top Answer Python 3
# 59 bytes

    lambda d,n:n/-~(__import__("datetime")

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Python has a built-in date time; I assume that's a reasonable input format. Unfortunately, subtraction gives a value that's off by one; the infix `-~` (flip the bits, then negate) increments the denominator without requiring extra parentheses for precedence.

[Python 3]:
[TIO-kffu55qo]: "Python 3 – Try It Online"
Answer #2
# [Nim], 58 bytes

    import times
    proc r(d,n:auto):auto=n/(days(now()-d).int+1)

[Try it online!][TIO-kholqqfg]

[TIO-kholqqfg]: "Nim – Try It Online"

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