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I have an existing texlive 2023 installation, which was originally installed including documentations. Now I would like to convert this installation to one without documentations (I usually only keep them in the newest TL version).

To do this, I set

tlmgr option docfiles 0
and deleted the `texmf-dist/doc` directory. This works as expected: The space is freed up and during package updates, no documentations are installed.

The one tiny problem is that during package updates, I now get a lot of messages like

/usr/local/texlive/2023/bin/universal-darwin//tlmgr: (make_container __BACKUP_tabularray.r66276.tar) texmf-dist/doc/latex/tabularray/README.txt does not exist
which make it a bit hard to see which packages get updates. Is there any way to avoid these messages?

*(this problem will obviously fix itself soon when TL2023 is frozen, I'm just curious if anybody knows a proper solution)*

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You can set up a quick and dirty filter for these messages by using `grep -v`. This wouldn't solve any underlying issue, but simply silence the error messages.

To remove every line containing `make_container` you could use `grep -v make_container`.

If you got issues with the pipe this might be because of `stderr` not being piped. You could use the following to pipe both `stderr` and `stdout` through `grep`:

tlmgr update --self --all 2>&1 | grep -v make_container

If that doesn't work, piping through a FIFO (named pipe) could do (see `man mkfifo`), or as a last resort, stick to writing into a temporary file.

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