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# What is TopTeX

TopTeX is a friendly community for TeX questions and answers. It is part of, an open source platform, that is developed with the community in mind and not for-profit.

# TopTeX's scope

The TopTeX community is all about the TeX typesetting engines and their friends.

In one sentence, we consider anything on topic that is included in a TeX installation (like TeX Live, MikTeX, etc.), plus editors dedicated to editing files of any TeX format.

Furthermore questions about how to configure an extensible editor for (La)TeX or about a plugin for such an editor which is TeX related are considered on topic (an example question would be "How to configure editor XY to compile LaTeX files?").

To give you a few ideas, we consider on topic (non-exhaustive):

- TeX, the program
- TeX, the language
- TeX formats, such as plain TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, ...
- packages such as Ti*k*Z, pgfplots, asymptote, metapost, pstricks, ...
- tools to organize references, glossaries and indices such as BibTeX, biblatex, makeindex...
- tools to automate (La)TeX, such as `arara`, `latexmk`, ...
- TeX distributions and their management
- ...

If you're in doubt just ask in our [main chat]( whether something is considered on topic. We're glad about any benevolent contributor and you'll get a friendly and timely reply!

# TopTeX's not-scope

There are a few software solutions out there which were inspired by (La)TeX, but don't use TeX, those are not considered on topic here. This category includes tools such as:

- MathJax
- KaTeX
- Patoline

Questions about extensible editors which don't directly deal with TeX are *not* considered on topic. An example for such a question would be "How to install plugins for editor XY?".

For explicit bug reports and feature requests, please follow the communication channels indicated in the documentation and user manuals of the individual packages or programs. This will ensure that your request will reach the author or maintainer.

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