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Since from time to time the more ducky people of the TeX community like to have a small fun-contest (example: I think it would be nice to have a new question type for this.

The CodeGolf.TA community has the question type "Code Golf" for new questions which is nicely displayed on the question list similar to the Meta questions.

I'd like to have the question type "Contest" in TeX.TA in addition to the other types ("Question", "Meta Question", and "Blog Post").
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Jack Douglas
This suggestion has obviously been well received so we've added the new question type 'Contest' and made the linked question have that type:

@@@ answer 583

As a trial to demonstrate the feature, we've applied the option to have a minimum number of stars before answers are allowed (the answer already posted isn't affected, only new answers).

If you like that we can keep it, if not we'll remove it and (optionally) prevent voting on contest questions at all again.

We could also implement an *upper* limit so that further voting on the question isn't allowed once it has 'launched'.

I think one important bit of information that I don't have is: "how hard is it to post a good contest, and how much do you want to reward those that do" — on Code Golf, posting good challenges is apparently quite a lot harder than answering them.

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