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I intend to record video lectures. I am using Beamer for making the slides. How can I keep a rectangle space with aspect ratio of 4:3 (actual resolution is 640x480) on any corner so that it remains blank and all the other content simply wraps around it on all slides. In this rectangle area, I will have my video feed (640x480) on and the screen recorder will record my video+audio and the slides on an 1920x1080 resolution. The rectangular area should remain blank (without any border) since the same slides will be distributed.

I have added the rectangle space in the image below as I would like to have it. I have no idea where to start searching for a solution. Can you give me some pointers or suggestions? [![rectangle area should remain untouched.][1]][1]

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For simple cases like text etc. you could use the `shapepar` package to produce the desired cutout.

A small example to give you something to start with:




\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}






For more complicate frames with columns etc. some manual fine tuning will be necessary. 

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