From [this discussion](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=182#question) on the main site it seems to emerge that each site is supposed to come up with its own moderation policies. This question is to ask what the policies on [TopAnswers TeX](https://topanswers.xyz/tex) should be. 

Among the many subquestions that come to my mind, the perhaps most important ones could be

1. How will we determine the moderators?
2. If we decide that this will be elections, how often will these elections take place?
3. How many do we need (in the beginning)?
4. What can one do if one feels that the actions of a moderator are inappropriate?
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My opinions are as follows:

1. Moderators must be elected through a democratic election. More importantly, it should follow a equal consideration to all approach.

2. The term must be fixed. My personal personal preference would be 3-5 years.

3. They should be able to participate in the election as many time as they want. 

4. in the beginning, atleast 2-3 would be nice-to-have. 

5. There should be a transparent process to report a moderator. From there on, the process forward should be public, in the sense that "why, what, and so what, etc.," should be made public. 

these are my initial thoughts, I'll add things as I think more.
Moderation on TopAnswers TeX
I agree on your proposal @samcarter
I agree, too. 
marmot replying to samcarter
I agree with that. Maybe one year. If users are happy with a moderator, this moderator will get reelected.
I totally agree with @Raajas suggestions, although I would make the duration of the terms a bit shorter, at least for the first term, because in this period the user base will hopefully change considerably with many new users. To make sure they will also feel represented, I would make the first term only one year or so