I have a document that heavily uses the old TikZ syntax for circles, ellipses and arcs:

\draw (0,0) circle (0.45);
\draw (0,0) ellipse (1.4 and 4);
\draw (0.65,0.61) arc(180:360:0.35 and 0.35); 
\draw (0.65,0.61) arc(180:360:0.35);

How can I use texstudios search and replace with regex to change it to the new syntax?

\draw (0,0) circle[radius=0.45];
\draw (0,0) ellipse[x radius=1.4, y radius=4];
\draw (0.65,0.61) arc[start angle=180, end angle=360, x radius=0.35, y radius =0.35]
\draw (0.65,0.61) arc[start angle=180, end angle=360, radius=0.35];
Top Answer
The following search and replace terms will update the syntax

### Circle:

- search: `circle \(([^\)]*)\)`
- replace `circle[radius=\1]`

### Ellipse

- search: `ellipse \(([^\)]*) and ([^\)]*)\)`
- replace: `ellipse[x radius=\1, y radius=\2]`

### Elliptical arc 

- search `arc\(([^\)]*):([^\)]*):([^\)]*) and ([^\)]*)\)`
- replace `arc[start angle=\1, end angle=\2, x radius=\3, y radius =\4] `

(if you have both elliptical and circular arcs in the same document, do the elliptical arcs first)

### Circular arc

- search `arc\(([^\)]*):([^\)]*):([^\)]*)\)`
- replace `arc[start angle=\1, end angle=\2, radius=\3] `

(Don't forget to activate the `Reg` and `\1` buttons in texstudio to use this syntax)

![Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 22.13.45.png](/image?hash=f7ca2611f9a33ab3f4c35380d098912b2cb265534c94bba79bc0cf0306a6d293)
regex to replace TikZ's old circle, ellipse and arc syntax with new one
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Done! Thanks for the suggestion!
@samcarter Maybe you should change the order of "Elliptical arc" and "Circular arc" in your answer, that would be less error prone.
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It is very common among marmots.
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what's with that late obsession with honey liquor of yours?
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Only fast beings get blessed with honey liquor. ;-)
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IIRC, he's also faster than I am during summer.
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The question is: Despite or because it is hibernation season?
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As always @marmot was faster.
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The old syntax equivalent is `\draw (0.65,0.61) arc(180:360:0.35 and 0.35);` or just `\draw (0.65,0.61) arc(180:360:0.35);`.
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What is the old/new arc syntax? I only know `\draw[start angle=180, end angle=360, x radius=0.35, y radius=0.35] (0.65,0.61) arc;`
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Lucky me I just have boring numbers in my packages :) 
@samcarter your regular expressions will fail for input like `circle ({(5+4)/2})`. Parsing TeX with regular expressions is hard :) Also a regular expression for old `arc` -> new `arc` is missing.