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By default `l3draw` only supports `red`, `yellow`, `blue`, `green`, `white`, `black`, `cyan` and `magenta` (and combinations thereof). 

How to define more colours?
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Under the hood `l3draw` uses `l3color` for the colour support, therefore on can use the `\color_set:nnn` or `\color_set:nn` macro to define new colours.

One example with an rgb colour (the colour models `gray`, `cmyk` and `spot` are also available) and based on existing colours.





\color_set:nnn {foo} {rgb} {0.5,0.8,1}
\color_set:nn {bar} {yellow!50!red}


	\draw_path_circle:nn {0cm,0cm} {1cm}
	\draw_color_fill:n { foo }
	\draw_path_use_clear:n { fill, stroke }
	\draw_path_circle:nn {1cm,0cm} {1cm}
	\draw_color_fill:n { bar }
	\draw_path_use_clear:n { fill, stroke }	


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