When this site goes public it would be nice to have a couple of short summaries of what we are building that we can use when spreading the word to potential new users
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Some suggestions:

>We are building a friendly community for TeX questions and answers running on the non-profit site topanswers.xyz/tex 

or a bit longer

> For all of you who like to ask or answer TeX related questions, there is a new question and answer site: TopAnswers.xyz/tex. The platform itself is open source and developed with the community in mind and not for-profit. The TeX community is still small, but growing and would be more than happy to see new users. So if this sounds interesting to you, just drop by and have a look yourself.

(the last text block is a suggested fragment for the next Duckboat, a regular column by @CarLaTeX in the journal of the TeX Users Group, https://tug.org/TUGboat/)
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We feel that information is a basic need and should not be controlled by a company with commercial interests. So this site is an alternative to similar sites which are for profit.
How to summarise what we are building here
@marmot Nice!