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    \documentclass{svmono}% v5.10 (2021/09/08) from or directly from
    \begin{remark}[Words words words words words words words words words w\ldots]%\nopagebreak[1]%
      \item \lipsum[2-3]%%% a long text here
      \item \lipsum[4-5]%%% another long text here

to `pdflatex` leads to a page break right after the heading of the remark:


It's interesting to see that inserting any of the commands `\pagebreak[1]%`, `\nopagebreak[1]%`, or `\penalty0%` right after `w\ldots]` prevents a page break between “*w…)*” and “(1)”. As for `\nopagebreak[1]%`, it's expected. However, as for `\pagebreak[1]%` and `\penalty0%`, these commands have an opposite effect (which is strange because IMHO, they apparently should enable breaking or at least not prevent it)!

Why does this happen? What would be an appropriate way to *slightly* discourage a page break between the header end “*w…)*” and the start of the list “(1)”?

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