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Continuing , for all the theorem-like environments in our document, we wish to have a little bit more horizontal space (than the default space) separating the head of the environment (whether it is fully automatically generated or also contains a user-given part) from its contents. To this end, we tried to redefine `\@thmcounterend` (thanks to [@DavidCarlisle][1] and [@Skillmon][2]):

    \documentclass[twocolumn]{svmono}% v5.10 (2021/09/08) from or directly from
    \noindent Remark with a short name:
    \begin{remark}[Short name]
      Body of a remark with a short name.
    Remark without a special name:
      Body of an unnamed remark.
    Remark with a line-filling, long name and a label:
    \begin{remark}[Some long remark name.]\label{#1}
      Body of a remark with a long name.
    \section*{Redefining \texttt{\textbackslash @thmcounterend}}
    \makeatletter\def\@thmcounterend{\@ifnextchar\ {\hspace{2\fontdimen2\font plus2\fontdimen3\font minus2\fontdimen4\font}\@gobble}{ }}\makeatother

Running `pdflatex` on this results in

[![output side-by-side][3]][3]

As we see, the original version is simply ugly: the title and the contents are separated by a too small space (cf. Remark 2). If we redefine `\@thmcounterend` to be a space (`\def\@thmcounterend{ }`  or `\def\@thmcounterend{\ }` or `\def\@thmcounterend{\space}`), an unwanted empty line after a line-long remark title may emerge.  If we redefine `\@thmcounterend` to redefine the space to be of the double length (`\def\@thmcounterend{\def\ {\hspace{2\fontdimen2\font plus2\fontdimen3\font minus2\fontdimen4\font}}}`), but the user does not supply a name, then the horizontal space after a numbered unnamed remark is still small as originally.  If we redefine `\@thmcounterend` to choose between the two options above (`\def\@thmcounterend{\@ifnextchar\ {\hspace{2\fontdimen2\font plus2\fontdimen3\font minus2\fontdimen4\font}\@gobble}{ }}`), we get a small but unwanted vertical space after a line-long named-remark title as in Remark 6.

How to globally change the definitions of the involved macros and environments (while preserving the LaTeX-document contents) so that more horizontal space is inserted between the end of a remark title and the beginning of a remark body whenever they are on the same line (and introduce no extra space if they are on separate lines)?

I cannot help thinking that redefining some other macro than `\@thmcounterend` might work better but don't have enough knowledge to find such a macro and change it myself.

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