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`completed` A delete option.

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user 3.14159
`completed` Add some kind of moderation tools allowing us to remove propaganda/spam/offensive posts.

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`completed` A way for users with SE accounts to validate their identities so that imports are linked to their account without it being a manual process to ping @Jack for every case.

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Answer #4
`completed` IMHO, it would be useful to have a checkbox or similar when choosing a license for one's messages, that would mean “or any later version” (of the license).

Indeed, having code stuck to LPPL 1.3c could be a problem in the future when an improved version of the license comes out and the copyright holders are not all reachable anymore. If that was the copyright holders' intention, fine, but in my case, I would like to be able to choose this dual-licensing :

* CC-BY-SA 4.0 or, at the licensee's option, any later version;

* LPPL 1.3c or, at the licensee's option, any later version.

which could be summarized as { CC-BY-SA 4.0+, LPPL 1.3c+ }.

(I made up the brace notation, but not the '+' one, which is very commonly used, e.g. when saying that code is licensed under GPLv2+).
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user 3.14159
Maybe add some refereeing tools that allow us to simply delete posts that are content-wise wrong (but do not need get moderated away).

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Answer #6
`in progress` Option to report an answer as a duplicate or in violation of `academic-honesty`.

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user 3.14159
`Oh My!` A "Ja mei" option, which can be used similarly to the smiley and so on. Those who understand what "Ja mei" means will know how to use it, and the other may just not use it.
Answer #8
`won't fix` An option to report users, similar to flags for questions.

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