"TeX, LaTeX and friends" is the same title of TeX.SE, what about changing it? For example to "TopTeX"?
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Jack Douglas
I've changed the room title to TopTeX, but please ping me in here if you end up voting another suggestion higher!
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How about "**The Ducks' Pond**"?
Answer #3
Anything is fine as long as it contains "burrow". ;-)
What about changing the chat title?
Jack Douglas
Of course if you have the need you can also have other site chat rooms that are not the default for the home page — ie for specific sub-topics that you want to seperate out
@JouleV I think the chat title should be descriptive to anybody, not only to those who share our ducky attitude, therefore I'd advocate for TopTeX.
@JouleV Also Ducks' Pond is great, I  think we should choose depending on which image we manage to make appear (we the hat TopTeX, with a duck, Ducks' Pond)
(the same title is indeed confusing, when looking for the open tab in my browser I thought I had the tex,se chat open)
I like TopTeX!