It is possible to make only the unanswered questions appear in the list?
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Currently there are no ways to filter the question list or sort it by anything except the default (last activity date).

And searching.

Clearly other sort and filter methods will need to be a thing.

1. Unanswered
2. By tag

See also [this request on the main meta](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=369).
How to filter the unanswered questions?
I don't think there is any mechanism yet besides existance of answers and votes to indicate whether a question is "answered". Since there is also no concept of closure yet, that does leave a lot of ambiguity. I would suggest raising this as a feature request on the main meta ... it's kind of a requirement for a viable Q&A system I think. I don't know what the mechanism should be, but "no mechanism" is clearly less than ideal.
@Caleb According to my experience, a large fraction of the questions that are nominally unanswered are answered in comments. Is there a possibility to discriminate them from the truly unanswered questions without closing them, or doing other actions to them which may confuse newcomers?
Jack Douglas replying to Caleb
you can ping the OP using the 'comment' link on the question/answer (or the identicon on the post)
Feature request for [migration](https://topanswers.xyz/meta?q=354).
Probably best to post anything that will be generally relevant to the whole platform to the [main meta](https://topanswers.xyz/meta) and keep meta questions here for things that are specific to this subject matter site.