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In MetaPost, I am trying to place several labels so that their baselines all are aligned. Consider the following command:
``` $a_t$ etex, (0,0)); $b{+}d$ etex, (14,0)); $c{\times}e$ etex,(32,0));
Unfortunately, this command places each label's baseline at a different vertical position. I would like all of their baselines to be at the same vertical position.

**How can I align the labels by their baselines?**
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One solution is to use `\strut` or `\mathstrut`:
``` $\mathstrut a_t$ etex, (0,0)); $\mathstrut b{+}d$ etex, (14,0)); $\mathstrut c{\times}e$ etex,(32,0));

*Source:* This technique is mentioned in Sections 11.2.2 & 17.7 of [Drawing With MetaPost]( by Toby Thurston.

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