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In a book I'm writing, I previously used the package **subfig**, which works with **cleveref**, but is inflexible and orphaned. I'm trying to move to the **subcaption** package, which is flexible, but the cross-references are not working. Can anyone provide a way to use **cleveref** with **subcaption**?
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You can use the `\subref` command to reference a sub-caption:



\usepackage{duckuments}% just to get different ducks

  \caption{Pictures of ducks\label{fig:ducks}}
    {A most lovely duck!\label{fig:lovely}}{\includegraphics{example-image-duck}}
    {Another duck.\label{fig:other}}{\includegraphics{example-image-duck}}

And in \Cref{fig:ducks} we see different ducks. The one in
\Cref{fig:ducks}\subref{fig:lovely} is especially lovely, don't you think?



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