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This must be simple but I couldn't find a solution that worked for me. I have this MWE:

\title{Top title \vspace{2em}\\ Second title\vspace{1em} \\ Third title\footnote{Thank you to Penn and Teller.}}
  headings = block-subtitle ,
  subtitle-format = \bfseries % default is \itshape



\begin{question}[subtitle=Hard math ]



I want to change the * footnote symbol after "Third title" to a dagger. How can I do that?
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`\maketitle` uses `\@fnsymbol` to show the footnote marker. You could redefine it to start with a dagger instead of the `*` which is normally at the start of the list:

\title{title\footnote{Thank you}}

\def\@fnsymbol#1{\ensuremath{\ifcase#1\or \dagger\or \ddagger\or
   \mathsection\or \mathparagraph\or \|\or **\or \dagger\dagger
   \or \ddagger\ddagger \else\@ctrerr\fi}}



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