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Dr. Manuel Kuehner
* This question is [inspired by a comment]( of [user samcarter](
* Given you have a **LuaTeX** document, how does one find out (systematically) which **font series** are availeble?
* In my [specific example](, it was unclear to me how to find out what to put after the equal sign in `BoldFont={Fira Sans SemiBold}`, for example.
* I am using both, **Windows** (TeXLive or MiKTeX) and **Overleaf**.

\usetheme[background = dark]{metropolis}

 \setsansfont[ItalicFont={Fira Sans Light Italic},%
                 BoldFont={Fira Sans SemiBold},%
                 BoldItalicFont={Fira Sans Italic}]%
                {Fira Sans Light}%

\begin{frame}{Frame Title}
{\tiny normalfont \textbf{text\textit{bf}}}


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