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**Disclaimer:** Not a question (directly) related to LaTeX coding.


Currently I am writing my thesis with LaTeX. In my experience while using LaTeX there are certain linguistic precautions that users should take, e.g., I have often observed that floating elements are sometimes not printed where they appear in the input, but shifted to a place where they "look good". I don't have any complaint regarding it. I have slowly started realizing that the placement indeed makes it look better, but to enjoy this provision one has to be careful with the language and avoid phrases like "in the table given _below/above_", "as per the data given in the table _on the next page_". Now this kind of precaution is purely linguistic and LaTeX demands it. I am sure there will be many such linguistic factors which authors should be careful about while writing with LaTeX. Can we have a list of such language tips, specifically useful to LaTeX users?

I apologize if you think this is off-topic here.

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