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I lost some icons on toolbar of textstudio, e.g Compile (F6) Build and view (F5). Now I have to use some short keys. How to get lost icons?
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It could be that you are missing the complete `Tools` toolbar. In this case, right click somewhere on the toolbar and check that `Tools` is activated:

![Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 10.08.34.png](/image?hash=824eb473ae4e500acc518a55e03230d33082f858dad9bc8e3f50423844ebda3c)

To edit the toolbars, you can go to `Preferences->Toolbars`. On the right hand side are the available buttons, in the middle panels are your toolbars. Select `Build View` or `Compile` from the `All menus->Tools` list on the right, then select which toolbar you want to add them (e.g. `Tools`) and finally press the arrow button in the middle to add them:

![Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 10.02.51.png](/image?hash=2e113c49da4270bb2a4183faee347c993491ef763ed7969946151b4fcd983e3d)

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