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How to show information in the lower left panel of TeXMaker? 

![Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 18.23.54.png](/image?hash=b6e491e2369e8008fd9b78e7f15015a5272c5d861b9cb49e79a49885993826fd)

In case it matters, I'm using Windows 7, TeXMaker and MikTeX
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The panel at the lower edge of TeXMaker shows the `.log` file created by latex. 

To add information to the raw log file (bottom most panel), you can use macros like `\typeout{...}`.

The panel above is a summarised version of the `.log` file in which TeXMaker shows errors, warnings etc. You can add a warning e.g. with `\@warning{}`





\@warning{Quack Quack!!}


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