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Anonymous 2041
I am prepare a document, I am trying to create make a cover book like that [here](


I do not know how to start.
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Probably you have never used Ti*k*Z or PGF, so I will add some comments. To really understand the code and to be able to make a similar cover page by yourself, you should read Part I of [pgfmanual.pdf]( when you have some free time.

% Only needed for \lipsum
% Only needed for the bonus
\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay,every node/.style={font=\sffamily}]
  % Some coordinates to position the lines
  \path (current page.north west) ++ (2,-2)  coordinate (a)
        (current page.north west) ++ (2,-7)  coordinate (b)
        (current page.north west) ++ (2,-10) coordinate (c);
  % Background color
  \fill[yellow!50] (current page.north west) rectangle (current page.south east);
  % The light yellow
  \fill[yellow!30] (current page.south west) rectangle (c);
  % The top blue
  \fill[blue!50!black] (current page.north west) rectangle (a -| current page.north east);
  % Draw the lines
  \draw[blue!50!black] (a) -- (a |- current page.south west)
                       (current page.south west |- b) -- (b -| current page.south east)
                       (current page.south west |- c) -- (c);
  % Text
  \path (a) ++ (5mm, 5mm) node[above right,inner sep=0pt,text=white] {\huge School name}
        (b) ++ (5mm, 5mm) node[above right,inner sep=0pt,text=blue!50!black,align=left,scale=3]
            {John Doe\\Jean Doe}
        (b) ++ (5mm,-5mm) node[below right,inner sep=0pt,text=blue!50!black,align=left,scale=6]
            {Steps\\into Creating\\Portable Graphic\\with Ti\emph{k}Z}
        (b) ++ (5mm,-12cm) node[right,inner sep=0pt,text=gray,scale=2]
            {A Tutorial-Based Introduction}
        (current page.south east) ++ (-3cm,3cm) node[left] (publisher)
            {\rmfamily\Large Created with \LaTeX\ and Ti\emph{k}Z};
  % Bonus
  \path (publisher.west) ++ (-2,-.7) pic[scale=.7] {duck};
% Content


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