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Can someone help me out in designing this table ? My table building skills are dull and I am having a hard time making this. Please help! 
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user 3.14159
It is rather easy to generate such a table, one option is to use `tabularx`. But it is also a bit cumbersome. It becomes slightly less cumbersome and more interesting if one lets (La)TeX do the computations.
& $#3$ & $\fpeval{18/#3}$ & #4}%
& $m$ & $n$ & $c_n$\\
![Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 10.16.11 PM.png](/image?hash=bccfb2b11db0666da7d998cf289e94b3ebd11583e1325609e6cdc89e2f643da2)

Some comments:
1. The lines are generated from some rather minimal input. (One could also let LaTeX split the digits but then it is harder to adjust the code for other purposes, so I thought the present version is a reasonable compromise.)
2. Nowadays the vertical and horizontal lines in tables are not too popular, you may want to use `booktabs` instead.
3. Since you do not provide any document I had to select a document class and width. As long as you load `tabularx` and `xfp` you should be able to use this in your document but may have to adjust the width etc.. 

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