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I want to show a clock in beamer presentation. I see [here](, the question asked 7 years ago. Is there another way to show clock in beamer?
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There are a couple of different approaches how this can be tackled.

### LaTeX

If you are looking for a LaTeX approach, there are packages like `tdclock` to which you already linked in the question. You need a pdf viewer which supports `javascript` for this to work

### Pdf viewer

There are some pdf viewers which can add a clock to your presentation. One example is `Impressive`, see for more information.

### Separate tool

Instead of having to rely on the capabilities of the pdf viewer, you could also use a dedicated tool to overlay your slides with a clock. For example on mac, I'm using [simple floating clock]( This application will overlay your screen with a clock which can positioned, scale and change the appearance according to your needs. 

Here is an example of how this can look like:

![Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 14.49.34.png](/image?hash=275382fdf50389c4b5fde8b43d8592e2701b455fb15db1ecbbed3d6b7477dca8)

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