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I try to summarize the question in the following mini-article (the TeX code is below):
![Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 9.59.00 PM.png](/image?hash=673bb6e3d5315b51a7a687ccb6213770f950fe084d1c07c36b2b51a2bc1ad970)
\subsection*{Standard \LaTeX}
In standard \LaTeX\ (or just \TeX) one define macros, e.g.\def\mycode#1{(#1!)}
One can then use the macro ``as is'', e.g.
\verb|\mycode{pft}| yields \texttt{\mycode{pft}}.
If the result of such operations is expandable, one can store it in a new macro,
\verb|\edef\myresult{\mycode{pft}}\myresult| yields \myresult.


In \texttt{pgf} one can also define macros/codes, e.g.\pgfkeys{/my stuff/my code/.code={(#1!)}}
 \verb|\pgfkeys{/my stuff/my code/.code={(#1!)}}|.
One can then use the code ``as is'', e.g.
\verb|\pgfkeys{/my stuff/my code=pft}| yields \texttt{\pgfkeys{/my stuff/my code=pft}}.
However, storing the result in a new macro is not easy. For instance, naive
attempts of the sort
 \verb|\edef\myresult{\pgfkeys{/my stuff/my code=pft}}|
fail miserably. One \emph{can} make it work, of course,
\verb|\pgfkeysgetvalue{/my stuff/my code/.@cmd}{\mytemporarymacro}%|\\
\pgfkeysgetvalue{/my stuff/my code/.@cmd}{\mytemporarymacro}%
But this is far from elegant.


Is it possible to get the result of a \texttt{pgf} code more easily? 

P.S.\ The \verb|\edef| is not essential, the analogous question arises for
ordinary \verb|\def|s.
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%%% stolen from ConTeXt's syst-ext.mkii







% #1 \def method
% #2 PGF key
% #3 macro
    % Retrieve args and body
    % Assemble macro
    \to \pgfkeys@temptoks
    \to \pgfkeys@temptoks

%\def\pgfkeysgetgdef{\pgfkeysgetdef@\gdef} % if desired


% Works for code with single argument
\pgfkeys{/my stuff/my code/.code={(#1!)}}
\pgfkeysgetdef{/my stuff/my code}{\mymacro}

% Works for code with n arguments (here only 2)
\pgfkeys{/my stuff/my code/.code 2 args={(#1+#2!)}}
\pgfkeysgetdef{/my stuff/my code}{\mymacro}

% Works for code with delimited arguments
\pgfkeys{/my stuff/my code/.code args={[#1/#2]}{(#1--#2!)}}
\pgfkeysgetdef{/my stuff/my code}{\mymacro}


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