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I am trying to typeset the following:

![Screenshot 2020-12-17 at 13.35.25.png](/image?hash=8efd232f501db737e7cb81d1a2439a4538ad927fbfa0d87355e9647687f133e9)

It is basically someone's thoughts as they are using a website. Notice the multiple quotes in italics with indentation. Also, the things like <types> or <pause>. I would ideally want this in a `fbox`. Is there a suitable environment or package for this or any other along with same lines? I am currently doing this using literally ` ``''`
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I think the `csquotes` package can make this quite easy:






Let's image something

"I'm typing ..." <typing>

"Now I'm something" <thinking>

something else


![Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 15.14.05.png](/image?hash=497621b4b30c26233ca3a777bed5b8cb7edb959196668d263e273f481610ce3c)

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