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How to format bibiliographies in a more visual way ?


I am trying to get out of the standard (boring...) bibliographies as you noticed. 

It’s a “figure imposée” and there are standards for publication, of course. But what a pity, all these information lost in a rebarbative listing... 


Reusing the `abstract` in the text as in has already given me loads of positive feedbacks from both profs and students ! 
The only other piece of information (I see... maybe you have ideas) that could be used is the `date of publication`. 

And it seems natural to link a date with a timeline.

A chronology of references could be both informative, accurate and would give actually a visual temporality. In one glimpse you get the proximity or distance in the research cited. It would not work for too long bibliographies but for short ones. 

I am conscious that bibliographies can be very long and a timeline would lose its visual effect with too much information on it.

Version 0 would probably be something like 


\newcommand{\foo}{\hspace{-2.3pt}$\bullet$ \hspace{5pt}}

\begin{tabular}{r |@{\foo} l}
DateRef1 & Title of the article 1 \\
DateRef2 & Title of the article 1 \\
... & ... \\
DateRefn & Title of the article 1 \\

Instead of title for Ref1, we could input the full list of field as in a normal bibliography or just a sublist (Title, name, editor for instance).

Of course `TikZ` provides fancier Timeline as in 



As for other visuals, I was not very inspired until I found

**Other element in mind for future questions**
Create a mini  horizontal timeline in the text.

Top Answer
To give you something to start with, here a horizontal timeline using the `chronosys`  and `usebib`  packages (the latter as a workaround to get an expandable version of bib fields):









![Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 16.04.41.png](/image?hash=68e3a101268a6f30f7a8f2796d561493773a14d044dac80f4fb1e573010a8aa3)

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