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*Background story: To find out when some problem/bug first occurred, I often do tests with previous versions of a package/class. For example this week I wanted to test something with beamer v3.51, but unfortunately this version is no longer compatible with current latex due to changes in the hook management.*

Question: how can I temporarily revert such changes without switching back to an old texlive, because this will change versions of all other packages as well, making it harder to debug the problem?
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By chance, an email by Hironobu Yamashita just had the solution I was looking for. With `\RequirePackage[2020/02/02]{latexrelease}` one can temporarily revert the behaviour to a previous state.

MWE to compile a locally checked out version of beamer v3.51:



Caveat: this will of course only work if none of the used classes/package relies on the new additions

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