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I have a course (`note.tex`) consisting in multiple chapters (each `\chapter` in `book`, corresponds to a `\lecture` in `beamer`, hence the reference to `beamerarticle` and frames in `MWE` ).

Thanks to great answers here I can generate as many courses as I want, easily. 

I need to create a new syllabus for this new course.


Since `note.toc` is already generated, i'd like to display in `syllabus.tex`, a subset (the chapters and sections, without page numbers) of the `note.toc` 

%------- `note.tex`------------------------


\section{Section 1}
\subsection{Subsection 1a}
\subsection{Subsection 1b}
\subsection{Subsection 1c}
\section{Section 2}

\section{Section 3}
\subsection{Subsection 3a}
\subsection{Subsection 3b}
\subsection{Subsection 3c}

\section{Section 4}
\subsection{Subsection 4a}
\subsection{Subsection 4b}
\subsection{Subsection 4c}


\title{Notes for my course}


Top Answer
You can use the `tocloft` package to remove page numbers and dots and then input the `note.toc` file. If you do this inside a group, it won't disturb the rest of the document.










![Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 18.02.44.png](/image?hash=b2e84d73acd12c20ebe20efe1309315aa642ee34550e02ad619e6a311d879dbb)

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