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As TopAnswers now supports tag descriptions (see, it is time to collect them.

I propose to add a separate answer for each tag, so that comments can link to the answer they are about and we can keep track of the history easily.

List of tags without description:

- ~~arara~~
- ~~beamer~~ 	 			
- ~~biblatex~~
- ~~classes~~
- ~~context~~
- ~~ctan~~
- ~~fancyhdr~~
- figures  			
- ~~fonts~~ 	 			
- ~~graphicx~~
- ~~koma~~
- ~~latex3~~
- ~~latexmk~~
- ~~luatex~~
- ~~math~~
- ~~pandoc~~
- ~~pdftex~~
- ~~tables~~ 	 			
- ~~texlive~~
- ~~tikz~~ 	 			
- ~~xetex~~

Top Answer
# tables

for questions connected to the creation of tables, e.g. using `tablular`, `tabularx`, `longtable` etc.

Answer #2
# fonts

for questions related to the usage of fonts in TeX and friends
Answer #3
# beamer

a documentclass for creating presentations, posters etc. 
Answer #4
user 3.14159

is a pgf-based package for generating graphics with LaTeX.
Answer #5
# graphicx

allows to include images in many common formats into a LaTeX document. It is an extended version of the `graphics` package providing a key=value interface to control the appearance of the graphics.
Answer #6
# koma

is a bundle providing classes and packages which aim to conform to the rules of good European typography. The classes (among others) corresponding to the base classes of LaTeX are `scrartcl`, `scrreprt` and `scrbook`. The bundle provides many features not contained in the LaTeX standard classes.
Answer #7
# fancyhdr

is a package with which one can customize the page headers and footers.
Answer #8
# math

is about inputting and typesetting mathematical expressions in (La)TeX and friends.
Answer #9
# biblatex

is a flexible and modern package to typeset bibliographies, using `biber` or `bibtex` to prepare the bibliography.
Answer #10
# classes

are the files which provide the basic structuring macros for a document in LaTeX. A class (with the file extension `.cls`) provides the base formatting instructions for the title, headings, captions, etc.
Answer #11
# pandoc

is a document conversion tool which supports many common document file formats, including LaTeX, markdown, CommonMark, HTML, DOCX, and others.
Answer #12
# context

is a TeX format (next to plain TeX and LaTeX). Compared to LaTeX it is more monolithic, providing more features out of the box, however there are fewer additional packages further extending it.
Answer #13
# latexmk

is an automation tool which compiles your document, parsing the output/logs to determine how many times TeX and which other tools need to be run.
Answer #14
# arara

is "the cool TeX automation tool". With it you can give instructions in your TeX file on how it should be compiled.
Answer #15
# luatex

is one of the most used TeX engines, it offers Unicode support and the possibility to use Lua code. Questions tagged with this should be specifically about the behaviour, usage, etc. of this engine or the embedding of Lua code in your document.
Answer #16
# xetex

is one of the most used TeX engines and offers Unicode support. Questions tagged with this should be specifically about the behaviour, usage, etc. of this engine.
Answer #17
# pdftex

is one of the most used TeX engines. Questions tagged with this should be specifically about the behaviour, usage, etc. of this engine.
Answer #18
# latex3

is about the LaTeX3 kernel, the programming language `expl3`, and the packages of the `l3packages` and `l3experimental` bundles provided along with it.
Answer #19
# texlive

is one of the major (La)TeX distributions available for Linux, Mac (via MacTeX) and Windows.
Answer #20
# ctan

is the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network through which packages are published and from which the major (La)TeX distributions collect their contents.

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