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Beamer's "show notes on second screen" option is for giving talks on a projector, while showing something different (speaking notes) to the presenting author.

For remote delivery of talks, one needs:

 - the audience view to be generated at normal/custom size, NOT scaled up to the entire screen, so that the conference software (e.g. Zoom) can be fed a reasonably-sized image for screen-sharing

 - possibly separate but synchronized windows for displaying the audience view and presenter view

This sounds like a request for 

 - screensharing software, e.g. Zoom, to allow showing less than an entire window, or 

 - a presenter software like pdfpc to change its behaviour substantially.

However, more generally, I'm looking for advice: how do you give (beamer) presentations online when you have speaker notes associated with each slide?
Or even ideas for the simplest new / to-be-developed approach?
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That's actually easier than for in person talks, because zoom has a build  in option to share only part of the screen. If you open the screen sharing window, go to the `Advanced` tab and you will find the `Portion of Screen` option:

![Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 15.48.24.png](/image?hash=8b5cc949533825e07d26847e7090645689fdc1ff939d18ec5164681c278ac66d)

Using this option you can open the presentation including the notes in your favourite pdf viewer and select only the area in which the publich slides are shown (indicated by the green boarder in the image below). Slides and notes will automatically be in sync.

![Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 15.50.33.png](/image?hash=fb0f2f6f76d7acded7e59674031f52a7b93ff0bae221ef9000a874207247dc50)

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