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I am currently writing a package for writing acronyms in Marathi. [This]( question helped me for developing the macro for building acronyms. I have a further requirement in the package. It is as follows -

1. Add a package option `foo` which will change the font of the acronyms to another.

@JouleV's solution is as follows.

  test/.is family,test/.cd,
  foo/.value required,

I tested the following MWE with the above package -

\setmainfont{CharisSIL} % Replace with a font that you have
\usepackage[foo=Minion]{test} % Also here


Apparently the is changed for all the text after the use of first acronym. I want to change only the font for acronyms and not for other text. I tried embracing the use of font on line 16 in the braces, but it didn't work.
Also I tried embracing the font definition on line 7 like this -

This too did not work. Font is changed after the acronym.

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