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While looking at this and after having a discussion here

I would like to know whether it is possible to create beamer slides where text flies in.
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[@UlrikeFischer mentioned]( that this kind of animation can be realised with the `Fly` page transition.

Of all the available page transitions, exactly this one was missing in beamer, so to make this easier to use, I just added the `\fransfly` macro to beamer (commit [bdf7a8](


\item foo
\item bar


Notes to myself:

- recording screen as video:

  vlc -> open capture device -> change `Input Device` to `screen` -> check `stream output` -> [Settings](/image?hash=87a0cd0b9052ef8aa5e03ff1e442e0b9e258b2c38ecfed3eb5247676e2a0bfab) -> open
- convert .mp4 to .gif
  `ffmpeg -ss 8 -t 5  -i vlc-output.mp4 -vf "fps=25,scale=640:-1:flags=lanczos" -c:v pam -f image2pipe - | convert -delay 10 - -loop 0 -layers optimize output.gif`

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