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`ignorenonframetext` in `beamer` enables to have only what's between `\begin{frame}` and `\end{frame}`. But in `Beamerarticle`, how can we skip code between `\begin{frame}` and `\end{frame}` (i.e. it keeps only `nonframetext` in article mode) and without adding overlay on each frame ?

I don't see an equivalent to (non existing) `ignoreframe` option in  beamerarticle.

I'd really like to avoid the heavy overlays `\begin{frame}<presentation>`

NB: question posted [here]( but given my previous question, it made probably more sense to put it here too.


I use `beamerarticle` (in `\mode<article>`) to write in parallel a book and slides from each chapter.

The workflow that consists in keeping both
- text to be used in article (for a report or a book)
- and frames (based on the text) in the same file 
works very well. 

Text is consistent with slides and I don't have to be schizophrenic with 2 files, one for text i could use in article and one for frames.

Thanks to [here](, I can include slides with a format that differentiates what's in textonly/article and what's in frame/beamer and monitor the consistency article/slides.

Is there an equivalent to (non existing) `ignoreframe` option ?

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Similar to the approach in one could add the `beamer` overlay specification as default in article mode:



    \else% no slides in frame




    \frametitle{Title of the frame}
    \framesubtitle{Subtitle of the frame}

        \item first
        \item Second
        \item third


    \frametitle{Title of the frame}
    \framesubtitle{Subtitle of the frame}

        \item first
        \item Second
        \item third



(one could probably shorten the code a bit with some xpatch magic...)


Frames will even be hidden if they are explicitly labelled for the article, e.g. `\begin{frame}<article>` won't work

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