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Jack Douglas
The two features of TopAnswers that have received the most positive feedback are:

1. per-question rooms for comments, and
2. the ability to give multiple stars (2 stars once you have received 10, 3 when you reach 100, etc)

The latter feature is turned off, on codegolf.ta only, for regular Code Golf answers:

@@@ question 602

We do want to "encourage writing challenges by rewarding challenges more than answers", but it is a shame to disable such a well-received privilege that people enjoy exercising.

I'd like to propose another way:

1. **Allow multi-votes everywhere** that votes are allowed, removing the current exceptions (Tips, and answers on the challenge types)
2. **Bump up the value of question votes** by a constant factor. We could settle on any value that seems most appropriate, and could tweak at a later date if necessary, but I think 10 might be the right level as encouraging the effort to post good challenges is really important here.
Top Answer
Jack Douglas
No, let's keep voting as it is and don't allow multi-votes on challenge answers or bump up the value of question votes.
Answer #2
Jack Douglas
Yes, lets allow multi-votes everywhere and bump up the value of question votes by a factor of 10.
Answer #3
Let's remove multi-stars altogether. It's rather annoying to see boring challenges with more stars than they should have, reducing multi-stars would reduce it. Besides, voting should be purely objective and should not be opinion-based.

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