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When you post a competition, it isn't actually launched yet until it receives enough support from other people. Be patient! This system is in place to ensure that various aspects have been thought of. To ensure a speedy launch, ask yourself these questions:

1. **Has this task been posted before?** Maybe there is a very similar one which makes this one look like a boring copy.
1. **Do I really need random output?** You can often change *Find a random X* to *Find all Xs*, which is the essential task, or change 1.Find a random X that abides by condition Y* to *Given an X, answer if it abides by condition Y*.
1. **Do I really need the edge cases?** Handling special input like empty or zero or strange characters can destroy an otherwise elegant solution.
1. **Is this really interesting?** You might have stumbled upon a task at work, or implemented a specific algorithm, but that doesn't mean it is fun for others.
1. **What leniencies do I allow?** E.g. extra white-space, or working "in theory" but with infinite time and/or space.
1. **Must solutions work within some time or space constraints?** E.g. modern hardware must finish computing within a minute — or before the heat death of the universe…
1. **What kind of randomness do I require?** Must all possible answer have a chance of occurring? Do they need an equal chance to occur? A specific distribution?
1. **Who wins?** When you use a custom scoring model, remember to specify if higher or lower is better.
1. **Did I cover all edge cases?**
1. **What precision is required?** For tasks involving floating point computations or simulations, you may need to specify how precise answers must be.
1. **How is rounding done?** There are a lot of standard rounding methods. If you require rounding, specify which is/are allowed.

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