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Counting your code's length is essential for code golf competitions. Make sure you do it right by following these guidelines. Ask a Meta question if in doubt.
1. **Include your character encoding in your answer** or go with the default; bytes when stored as UTF-8. This is important for languages with custom code pages or tokens-based representation.
1. **Flags are not counted.** Command line flags are considered part of the language, and should be presented as such in answer headings, e.g. ``# mylang `-a`, 123 bytes``. This includes flags to select language with a multi-language compiler.
1. **The REPL is considered a separate language.** Not only can you often avoid explicit print commands, you might also be able to use other tricks.
1. **If multiple files/folders are used, add one byte for each additional file after the first.**
1. **If the same file is used multiple times, it counts as multiple separate files.**
1. **Don't count the assignment necessary to name your lambda/function.** However, if your code needs to call itself and doesn't have a syntax for that, or if it consists of two functions calling each other by name, then you must count the naming.
1. **Count the code as posted.** If there is unnecessary white-space, remove it.
1. **Count line breaks as single bytes,** unless that would cause your code to stop working.
1. **Count macros as stated,** not as the text they're expanded into.
1. **Count the source code size,** even if your language ignores one or more bits of every byte. Only if your language can handle code in a packed format, can you count it as such, but rounded up to the nearest byte.
1. **Use the saved file size** if your language is not text-based.
1. **Machine code has the size of the executable.**
1. **Assembly has the size of the source code.**
1. **Ignore trailing null-bytes** if you are using a fixed-size memory machine.
1. **Ignore trailing white-space** if your code can run without it.
1. **Control codes are one byte each.**

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