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We obviously want "code golf" and one for "other competition", but how about "fastest code" and "fastest algorithm"?

Have a look here:

* [Winning criteria](https://codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/q/8130/43319)

* [Tags' listing](https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/tags)
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## Challenge type tags

By `other competition`, I guess you mean the tag called `code challenge`. I agree that we'll need it. But we have lots of more specific challenge types (excluding `tips` and some (almost) deprecated ones):

* `Fastest code`
* `Fastest algorithm`
* `King of the hill`
* `Cops and robbers`
* `Atomic code golf`
* `Proof golf`
* `Answer chaining`
* `Code bowling`

But adding some of these are questionable:

* `Proof golf` can be seen as a subset of `Atomic code golf` (using a set of axioms and logic principles).
* I didn't see any successful `Fastest algorithm` challenge recently (IMO the winning criterion is also pretty unclear when the complexity depends on multiple parameters).
* Some users have expressed doubts on what `Cops and robbers` is really about.

Also, these tags are used pretty rarely (just a few challenges a year), so I don't think we need them immediately. I believe we can add challenge types as we need them.

## Subject tags

For subject tags, I guess the best bet would be to let the challenge writers choose whatever they feel appropriate. The list of tags is HUGE (which includes all the obsolete tags we don't really need), and even that huge list doesn't cover all subjects we could possibly pose a challenge on.
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Perhaps we should have [tag:source-layout] as a tag. 

I know I sure do enjoy such challenges. 
Which challenge types and subject tags should we allow?
Jack Douglas
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Jack Douglas replying to Adám *— 4 minutes ago* *in [How should voting work here?](/codegolf?room=617#c16752)*  
>a couple of basics are in place: you can now (single) vote on Code Golf answers, and we've added 'Atomic Code Golf' with the same voting rules. We've also added 'Tips' with single voting on both questions and answers.
Jack Douglas replying to Bubbler
'Atomic Code Golf' and 'Tips' now exist
Bubbler replying to Jack Douglas
My personal pick is 'Atomic code golf'. I guess 'King of the hill' could be better for adding and debugging features (since it'll have different headings in answers and a different-looking leaderboard), but it takes a lot of effort to build a challenge of that type (and I'm lazy).
Jack Douglas
@Bubbler are there any on your list that you are certain to want, that we could add now as examples of how this would work alongside 'Code Golf' questions? 
Jack Douglas
@Adám we are now ready to add 'labels' — I've added 'Code Golf' and applied it to your two questions already posted, adding more is easy, we just need to know the voting rules for each post type. For now you can't vote on questions or answers on 'Code Golf' question types, but we can change that of course if you decide you want voting.