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Jack Douglas
**You can now optionally specify a language when you post an answer.** This:

1. Displays the label on the answer, with a link to an external url (eg "APL (Dyalog Unicode)" points to "")
1. Automatically sets the code highlight language for the post
1. Automatically sets the tio language for the post
1. Is searchable with `(xyz)` where "xyz" is the first 'word' of the label name, for example:
   * [`(apl)`](/codegolf?search=%28apl%29)
   * [`(python)`](/codegolf?search=%28apl%29)

**We've still to add:**

1. Sorting by label
1. Profile setting for a default language

…but those are all coming soon, please subscribe to this post for updates.

**If your language isn't in the list, for now, please:**

1. Post your answer without a language label
1. Ping me in the 19th Byte with the language name, and, preferably:
   1. a canonical link for the language
   1. the [tio wrapper name]( if any
   1. the [CodeMirror language mode]( on if there is a more specific CodeMirror MIME type, that instead

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