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I am hosting a GitLab page which can be found here - I want to use three fonts in that page from a directory in that repository ( Irrespective of whether the visitor has those fonts on their computer or not, they should be able to see the text in those fonts only. The required three fonts are as follows.

1. A global font. (lm17 in the `fonts/lm` path of the repository)
1. A font for a small portion of text in the document. (shobhika font in the `fonts/shobhika` path of the repository)
1. FontAwesome (brand) logos.

I found [this](,size%2C%20face%2C%20and%20color) link on which there was a small snippet with an example for changing the font. I tried to add a webfont present in the directory, but it didn't work.

How to get everything work correctly?

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