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Chris Barry
#! /usr/bin/python3

import sys

import wx

class App(wx.App):
	def __init__(self, redirect=False, filename=None, useBestVisual=False, clearSigInt=True):
		super().__init__(redirect=redirect, filename=filename, useBestVisual=useBestVisual,
		self.SetTopWindow(wx.Frame(None, title='Initial top window'))
		szr = wx.GridBagSizer()
		self.lbl_a = wx.StaticText(self.GetTopWindow(), wx.ID_ANY, 'Label &a Padding')
		self.txt_a = wx.TextCtrl(self.GetTopWindow(), wx.ID_ANY)
		self.lbl_b = wx.StaticText(self.GetTopWindow(), wx.ID_ANY, 'Label &b')
		self.txt_b = wx.TextCtrl(self.GetTopWindow(), wx.ID_ANY)
		self.lbl_c = wx.StaticText(self.GetTopWindow(), wx.ID_ANY, 'Label c')
		self.txt_c = wx.TextCtrl(self.GetTopWindow(), wx.ID_ANY)
		szr.Add(self.lbl_a, wx.GBPosition(0, 0), span=wx.GBSpan(1, 2))
		szr.Add(self.txt_a, wx.GBPosition(0, 2))
		szr.Add(self.lbl_b, wx.GBPosition(1, 1), span=wx.GBSpan(1, 1))
		szr.Add(self.txt_b, wx.GBPosition(1, 2))
		szr.Add(self.lbl_c, wx.GBPosition(2, 0), span=wx.GBSpan(1, 1))
		szr.Add(self.txt_c, wx.GBPosition(2, 2))

app = App()

This code creates a top-level window with a gridbag sizer and puts three TextCtrl fields in it, each preceded by a StaticText label, two of which have accelerators.

When I run it on Linux it works as I expected - I can move between fields using the mouse, Tab and Shift-Tab keys, up and down arrows, and accelerator keys (Alt-a and Alt-b).

When I run it under Windows Tab and accelerator keys have no effect and up and down arrows have the same effect as left and right.

When I run under Windows the console displays the message: "Error: Unable to set default locale: Unsupported locale setting." I have not yet tried to follow this up as it did not seem to be relevant.

The Linux platform is a more-or-less standard Arch distribution. The Windows is 32-bit Windows 7 running under Qemu. As a test I ran Windows Media Player. Tab and accelerator keys worked.

What might I have overlooked?

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