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I have defined a class with a mistake.

class FirstClass:  
    def setdata(self,value):   
    def display(Tupac): # the first argument is ALWAYS the instance being called.   
        print( # we just call it self by mere convention. In this class I called it Tupac

Without noticing it, I ran the above, with the wrong object ( instead of So, I corrected the code above changing to, and tried to rerun the code. However, the new definition didn't load. Therefore, I tried using [this answer with autoreload]( but it didn't solve the problem, because it seems I should have called autoreload before running the class definition.

Therefore, how would I go about solving this?

Edit: In my case, I'm stating the class definitions in a Jupyter notebook, the same where I'm working on, and running other calls. 
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How to reload a class definition depends where you define the class:

1. If you define it in the REPL (e.g. after starting Python on the command line with `python3`), you can just write the whole definition again with the change and it overwrites the old definition.

2. **If you define the class in a Jupyter notebook session, the situation is the same: Just type the whole corrected definition again in a new cell. It will overwrite the old definition. Make sure not only to retype the `display` method, but the whole class.**

2. The more common case is that you define the class in a file. So say you have defined your class in a file `` with the follwoing cotent (containing the error):

       class FirstClass:  
           def setdata(self,value):  
           def display(Tupac):  
    And then you import this file as a module (e.g. in the REPL) with:
        >>> import first_class
    (Note that in the line above "`>>>`" just stands for the REPL prompt and should _not_ be entered.)
    Now you notice that calling the  `display` method causes a `NameError`. So you change the class in `` and save the file. 
    **But this is not enough.** The REPL still holds the old definition in its memory. So you need to tell the REPL to *reload* the file. Do it in Python 3 like this (in the REPL):
         >>> import importlib # importlib is a module from the standard library
         >>> importlib.reload(first_class)

    Now a call to the `display` method should work (if you had corrected the definition in the file.)

For more info on the `imp` module in he standard library see [here](

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